A Sad, Sad, Scene

I went to the airport the other day to meet my daughter who had flown out to see me here in Q8. 20 minutes before her plane arrived a flight from Chennai in India arrived. passengers were coming through the arrivals gate fro destinations such as Atlanta, Amsterdam, Riyadh etc. They all looked well and happy.

Then the Chennai flight passengers started coming through and suddenly a croc0dile of over fifty diminutive maids arrived, following immediately one after another. [I wish I could have taken a photo but the airport authorities do not approve!]. All were dressed in the maids outfits ie glorified pyjamas, carrying a small sports hold all bag with their Kuwait agency name emblazoned on it. They looked totally confused but it’s the life they are going to that is really frightening. many of them will be violently abused by their host Q8Y families, some will be raped by their so called sponsoring families and even by the sons of their sponsors, they will nearly all be verbally abused, have their passports stolen and tragically too many of them will commit suicide to escape their living hell.

A victim of sponsor violence

Nothing unusaual about this scene in Kuwait

If they are lucky they will receive their $150 per month pay but usually the agency and their sponsor family will invent charges to decimate any savings. They will be locked into tiny, windowless rooms when they are off duty. They will be treated like dirt by the very children of the lazy Q8Y mothers  who strut around spending and spending. If you do not believe me then check out this New York Times article about the middle east!


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