Ready to leave Q8

I have a few days left in this little place. I do not like the people and their attitudes. I am not anti-arab but anti-Kuwaiti. I was lured here by a fake dream and I blame myself for not doing enough research into the extremely nasty and inhuman habits displayed by some many Q8Ys.

Straight or bent Q8?

The real reflection of Kuwait Society

I have found the Lebanese to be charming, the Jordanians to be serious but caring and the egyptians to be fun loving and kind but i can find no redeeming feature about the majority of the locals. This is a country where arrogance and inhumanity go hand in hand. More will be explained later! This is a country poisoned by oil money and a government that has seen to it that money and spending, consumerism and unreality are the opium of their people. I have been told so many times that Q8 is so much more open than the rest of the Gulf World with democracy [?] and freedom of expression. Sorry, it does not wash… that’s like saying Idi Amin was not as bad as Hitler!


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