Suicides are becoming the norm

Today, I was reading the Kuwait Timladeshi maid…es when there were not one but two suicide attempts or should I say three. One I maid had set herself alight and sadly had died. Another maid had tried to kill herself last week, been taken to hospital and released back to the sponsor and tried again.

It's OK to abuse a filipino or bangladeshi maid as after all they were asking for it, weren't they?

What drives these ladies to such drastic action and why does it happen time and time again? Clearly, the problem is with the maids because it can not possibly be the fault of the Q8y sponsors. When will  somebody do something about these desperate women?

Apparently, the Church Of England in Kuwait tries to repatriate filipino maids by raising funds but of course the Q8 government step in. The Church will pay for flights back to Manila to find that the Q8 government always seems to find some way of preventing them flying and the money fro the flights  is lost.

I was told the other day about a filipino maid who was so badly beaten by her sponsor that she could only crawl after having her knees broken deliberately. Somehow, she managed to escape to a nearby house. The result, the offending sponsor family were banned from ever having another filipino maid…. but that does not mean they can not terrorise a Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi maid?

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