Wasta, Wasta

Every person who lives in Q8 knows about Wasta. Look it up on Wikipedia and see a once noble code but now observe its sinister corruption in Q8. The old expression, “It’s not what you know but who you know” is far too naive here I have heard about freemasons in the UK getting off parking tickets and speeding tickets by showing their allegiance to this secret society to the police in the dead of night. However, this is trifling stuff.

Q8ys have wasta in spades so black easily  becomes white. Any Q8Y who is arrested just calls up their fairy wasta godfather and hey presto, rape charges can disappear and even worse. However, if you are at the bottom of the food chain, you will be copped for the lot. Wasta gets lazy and unqualifed Q8Ys jobs on high pay! There are phantom jobs with wasta….

The anti-wasta campaign in Jordan

The anti-wasta campaign in Jordan

Parents whose children fail to get into top English selective schools try to use wasta to have the owner’s influenced…. mind you that is if the wasta-monger has not already bribed copies of the tests out of the staff!

bent is not the word for ir… and yet the Qu’ran has words to say about such things…. ah but as you will see the Qu’ran is open to unbelievable twists of interpretation!

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