Alcohol and Q8

Alcohol is banned in every form in Q*. No drinking houses/pubs, no supermarket sales/no importing and no home manufacture is the law of the land backed up by the Qu’ran. If that is the true wish of the Q8Ys then that is there wish….. but is it?

Why is their a flourishing black market in whisky? Why is there a regular whisky drinkers bus taking Q8Ys across the border into Iraq? Why is there so much internal production of Date Rum? Why are there so many drinking parties in the desert and finally why are senior government officials and diplomats seen in foreign embassies in Q8 throwing back whisky like billio…..?

Nearly a thousand pounds street value in Q*

Nearly a thousand pounds street value in Q*

Every other day, it seems that whisky smugglers are caught coming in from Iraq. They are then pictured in the Q8 newspapers, sitting bound in front of their contraband, often as much as ten thousand litre bottles of Johnny Walker. Incidentally, the black market price for a bottle of Johnny Walker is around £180 or $260. Now, as most of the ex-pat workers earn less than $200 a month, we can be pretty sure they are not  buying it? So, who can afford the black market price… can only really be the morally superior Q8Y elite?

Incidentally, you never read in the papers that the contraband booze is desroyed… so what do the Q8 police department dow ith it all? Run mour has it on the street, is that hey take it for personal use and for slling on the black market they are paid to defeat! Nice work if you can get it!


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