Prophets and Seers and David Icke

Mother Shipton is England’s most famous Prophetess. She lived some 500 years ago during the reigns of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. Her Prophetic visions became known and feared throughout England, with many of them still proving uncannily accurate today. Hmmmmm…. what’s this got to do with Q8, I hear you ask!

Well, nobody seems to have made this prophetess into a world religion. Why not?

Aware Centre : trying to indoctrinate westerners

Aware Centre : trying to indoctrinate westerners

The Aware Centre in Q8 [The AWARE center is dedicated to become the cultural gateway for westerners to explore Arab/Islamic culture and civilization by facilitating social encounters, educational activities, dialogue, cultural exchange, and intercultural friendship.] has pushed little booklets telling me the reasons for the validity of Mohammed’s revelations. Each one has KEY evidence that the Qu’ran is the REAL word of God.

Firstly, Mohammad knew that there gestation for a bay is 40 weeks…. clealry the Romans and Greeks never worked that one out! This is then presented as absolute proof of the revelations!

Secondly, There is the so-called fact that Mohammad knew the exact precentage ratio of land to see on the earth’s surface….

So, having been told these two facts, it would be obvious that I would have no choice but to embrace Islam?

But apparently, Old Mother Shipton was just as prophetic and what about Nostradamus… or millions of other cranks believing their own divinity and what about the one and only DAVID ICKE?


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