Taxi drivers in Q8

There seem to be three types of taxi driver in Q*…

1. The airport taxi drivers, by law all Q8Y, who have the best pitch of all outside the arrivals hall at Kuwait Airport, dressed in their dishdashas welcoming you to Q8 and twice the price. Conversation revolves around them and not you the customer!

Kuwait Taxi owned by Q8Y but driven by arabs

Kuwait Taxi owned by Q8Y but driven by arabs

2. The white licensed taxis in the street usually driven by other arabic nationalities, reasonably priced and often good company, you may have to haggle because like taxi drivers all over the world have an ability to scam you if they think you are wet behind the ears!

3. The illegal taxis usually driven by moonlighting Indians and bangladeshis to supplement their poor incomes…

They always say that taxi drivers are good fro learning the real truth about the place…. well, these are things that I have heard regularly from white cab drivers….

Black market whisky and the police involvement…..    the wide availability of narcotics in the country…….   and i will reveal more next time…..


Ready to leave Q8

I have a few days left in this little place. I do not like the people and their attitudes. I am not anti-arab but anti-Kuwaiti. I was lured here by a fake dream and I blame myself for not doing enough research into the extremely nasty and inhuman habits displayed by some many Q8Ys.

Straight or bent Q8?

The real reflection of Kuwait Society

I have found the Lebanese to be charming, the Jordanians to be serious but caring and the egyptians to be fun loving and kind but i can find no redeeming feature about the majority of the locals. This is a country where arrogance and inhumanity go hand in hand. More will be explained later! This is a country poisoned by oil money and a government that has seen to it that money and spending, consumerism and unreality are the opium of their people. I have been told so many times that Q8 is so much more open than the rest of the Gulf World with democracy [?] and freedom of expression. Sorry, it does not wash… that’s like saying Idi Amin was not as bad as Hitler!