Protectionism and the future

Under Q8Y law, only Q8Ys can buy land or run a business. This does not stop them from buying land and houses around the worldm or from investing in established businesses around the world. Q8Y business men only seem to be able to buy in business for Q8 onfrnchises. Why?

All their promising students finish up intheir universities studying business administration, marketing etc. Apparenlty, this accounts for 95% of the degrees attained. No medical students unless they have escaped to the west, no engineering students [except for oil production], no designers, zip all really but they will be able to market a mutton burger!

Degrees in nothing of any real use for the furure!

Degrees in nothing of any real use for the furure!

So, when the oil runs out… what skills will the grandiose and pompous, self-indulgent people have to fall back on? What do they do when there are no poor migrant workers to wipe their arses? When will their money run out? Who knows butthey will reap what they have sewn or to be more precise they will reap because they were too arrogant and lazy to do it themselves!


Shrinking Gene Pools…

I remember comedian Eddie Izzard talking about Hitler’s Third Reich and how Adolf predicted it would last for over a thousand years because of its racial purity. Himmler decreed and was very proud that hisĀ  german SS soldiers were only allowed to marry very pure German women and so have very pure german children. Apparnelty, there were baby factories set up to indoctrinate each new set of SS births!

Eddie ruminated on the thought that this was very limited gene pool by definition as only the purest germans could be SS. By the end of the thousand years, the very pure SS would then be a breed of stupid, moronic in-bred mutants. Follow the logic… has someting to do with why you should not have babies with your close relatives!

Well, there are far less Q8Ys than SS men and women! Q8Ys must not marry non-Q8Ys because it is not proper. The Q8Ys are to be purer than pure. If a Q8Y marries an outsider there are serious financial and social consequences … such as losing all the massive money hand-outs for marrying, for having children anf lots more. So all these Q8Ys dare not expand the gene pool by marrying other arabs [despite professing undying support for Arab brotherhood and unity!]

The results of a shrinking gene pool in Q8

The newly crowned Amir **** Al-Sabah and Crown Prince **** Al-Sabah in 2075

So what is happening to the Q8 gene pool as cousins marry each other etc to mainatin their purity. Already there are signs of genetic problems in the rocketing incidence of diabetes and physical handicaps. So is the gene pool shrinking and what will the Q8Y of the 22nd centruy look like…..? All those needy children and the oil will have run out as well…. what is the Amir to do?