Sex and the Q8Y

It seems that the Q8y boy or girl must never be alone with a member of the opposite sex. Clearly Allah does not trust them! Remember, I was told many times Allah knows best [we will examine that statement later].

Go down to any modern mall in the evenings and you will observe frustrated and deprived young men and women walking round and round desperate to have a conversation with the opposite sex but being watched by the morality police.

Then at some point their parents will arrange a marriage with so much success that 67% will end in early divorce [and we worry about divorce rate in the UK and USA]. But these young people have no idea how to communicate with the opposite sex let alone build a relationship. Allah knows best…

An affluent  young Q8Y woman I knew through work was married in December 2008 to a presumably nice young man. Their honeymoon was a disaster because they were too overwrought by the sex act to consummate their marriage. Three months later, on a trip to Lebanon and bottles of red wine later, the sordid sex act was done!

Those young men who manage to get to the UK or USA are sex-mad and are dangerous. Desperately seeking affection, they finish up drunk and in the arms of prostitutes….. Just watch them arriving in Western Hotels and all the islamic teachings of sexual behaviour are washed away in a seething whirlpool of NATURAL hormones.

Back in Q*, there is s eriuos rising tide of a rape culture. Young foreign maids are the target of choice because they have no wasta if they complain and will be ignored by the police if they are lucky. More than likely they will be balmed for provoking young Q8Y men.

There are two main scenarios for rape. The first is inside the maid’s sponsor’s home either by the male sponsor or by his oldest sons. Secondly, maids unattended on the street are kidnapped and gang raped by young Q8Ys in the desert somewhere…. and with no recourse to justice but Allah knows best…..?!?!?!?

I read in a newspaper about an Islamic approach to sex and women in nearby Pakistan. A man, lets call him Ali, was having an affair with a married woman. When the husband found out Ali fled the country. What was the husband to do for revenge and retribution? Allah knows best and the husband goes to his local Imam and islamic council. Now here’s a novel form of justice.

The council decides to try the Ali’s younger sister for his sexual affair. She is found guilty….. and her punishment laid down by the Imam and Council is that she should be GANG RAPED by male members of the cuckolded husband’s family. Apparently, this is nit an isolated incident but Ali’s sister was made of sterner stuff and has now married, set up her own school for abused girls and written her book. Apparently, Allah does not permit this action according to the Isalmic Council concerned.

Well, you can dress these people in Gucci and armani but they still live in the dark ages!