Al-Sabah Cry Babies

The law in Q8 does not allow any criticism of the Amir and his ruling family. This is supported by the sycophantic press and judiciary. Is the Amir a man nor a mouse……? READ THIS NOW and make your decision…. 
How does this man call himself a leader?

How does this man call himself a leader?


The Al-Sabah Mafia


Q8 prides itself on its version fo democracy. It would not cut any ice in any civilised country in the west. The Al-Saber Mafia [sorry, the Al-Saber ruling family] have apparently held power for two centuries and as part of the conditions for independence as a British Protectorate wrote their democratic constitution. This is how it works:

The Amir **** Al-Saber chooses a prime minister, always another **** Al-Sabah [if you concentrate you might spot a pattern if you are lucky. The Prime Minister **** Al-Sabah then selcts a cabinet of unelected ministers whose surname just happens to be Al-Sabah. Strange that… how they seem to appoint brothers, half-brothers and cousins! This is called THE GOVERNMENT. They decide the big things because they are such a very clever family.

Time to disove the ELECTED parliamnet agin speech

"Oh! Bumholes! Time to dissolve the ELECTED parliament yet again speech!"

Now there is the parliament which is elected and in 2006 they allowed women to vote and  also to stand for office. These menial MPs are really there for windowdressing and only seem to get little things to discuss.

Occasionally an MP can file a grilling motion so that the elected parliament can ask questions of the Government. The Government does not like this idea of explaining their actions so much so that the Amir keeps dissolving the elected parliament for being nasty and horrid to his family.

The amir then orders fresh elections for the sole purpose of getting a nice, pliable parliament in the interest of National Unity aka Al-Sabah family interests!

In February, there two outstanding grilling motions on the books. Then, Q8 hosted the Arab Summit lavishly, no expense spared. The Prime minister **** Al-Sabah seems to have misplaced some £60millions of the budget and nobody knows where u its gone!

Now some of those scalliwags in parliament set up another grilling motion as they believe that the Al-Sabah’s have trousered this money somewhere! The Prime Minister **** Al-Sabah goes to see big brother, the Amir **** Al-Sabah who gives him an sick note so that he does not have to meet those nasty elected members and answer questions. he scalliwags want their moment in the sun…. so good old Amir **** Al-Sabah dissolves parliament for being very naughty boys and upsetting his half brother!

[Footnote: Q8y women keep their own family name when they marry. This fools people into believing that the only female cabinet minister is not an Al-Sabah. [Nope, she’s an in-law apparently!