Litter, Litter everywhere…..

Can there be a more disgusting habit than litter? I thought the UK was dirty until I came to Kuwait… but this place really is in a league of its own. There’s filtrh in the street as there seems to be no organised litter collection, there’s litter in the desert, there’s litter all over the beautiful beaches…why/ This should be an environmental paradise!

The local people seem happy to have piles of rotting litter skips at the end of each street corner. When the skips are full, it’s just left and soon being scavenged by the all too numerous feral cats. Occasionally, these skips are collected in the middle of the night disturbing everyone’s sleep. But it is inb the so-called jewels of Q8 that you see the disgusting practice in action. The desert is a huge winter campsite as the Bedouin in the Kuwaitis drives them to sleep out there. Getting back to thier routes they tell me! But the stuff which is hanging around is absolutely needless, toilet seats, plastic sacks, you name it.

Typical litter in Q8Y streets

Rotting rubbish everywhere

Then, watch the children treat their environment with contempt. After the school sports day, the field was left like a landfill site in a hurricane. Any attempt to encourage children to discard litter thoughtfully is treated with disdain. The simple problem is that these over indulged children are encouraged to expect the maid to clear up their litter. This is not restricted to children. At the school, one Q8Y teaching asistant was seen in the restroom divulging her face of the copious amounts of make-up. She then dropped all her sodden itssues on the floor despite the proximity of the bin. When challenged by a South African teacher, her response was,” I am Kuwiati, we have maids for that!” Mindless arrogance and ignorance and sadly NOT UNCOMMON!