Criminal Negligence

I accuse the government and police of criminal negligence in connection with how the roads of Kuwait are policed. Kuwait has one of the highest death rates on its road anywhere in the world and nobody does anything about it. The only time the police make any checks of vehicles is for the sole purpose of finding illegal migrant workers!

Every day, you will read about young Q8Ts being killed or seriusly injured in car accidents because they have lost control of their over powerful cars. These accidents do not involve anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does the government do… BUGGER ALL.

The Al-Sabah’s have blood on their hands to show Allah on their judgement day!


A Warning from History

I have returned to the UK where it is possible to watch proper documentaries, where the media is not controlled or even worse surrendered by sycophantic editors!

Well, there i was watching “The Nazis : A warning from History”. There were all the propaganda films of the thirties showing an affluent and thriving society, full of pride in itself and with an absolute ruler presiding over a castrated parliament. The affluent way of life was not built by the Third Reich. It was all put together on the back of slave labour! Sounds familiar?

These 'leaders' rule over a country where racism is a virtue for the Q8Ys

These 'leaders' rule over a country where racism seems to be a virtue for the Q8Ys

The final statement came from a radical German philosopher who had fought against the regime. If this could happen, then it could happen again!

OK, I do not believe that The Amir and his Ruling Family want to commit genocide [although they do not recognise Israel], but let’s face it all the development of buildings and the wealth of Q8Y society is based on slave labour, very poor and desperate economic migrants who are treated as no better than slaves…   constantly harassed by the police, prevented from driving…. packed in homes like tinned sardines…..