Dubai dumbos

Well, they have their tallest buiding… very close to an earthquake region…   how muck Q8y money has been gobbled up and how many immigrant lives were lost during its construction… never mind they weren’t human anyway… just slaves at less than £30 a week


Why worry about a bunch of narcistic arabian no-marks?

This is my last post because these people are just not worth it. If I am still alive to see these people invaded again as they will surely be, then I will donate money to the invaders cause! These people are there not due to the grace of Allah but the money and vested interests of oil needy countries. Without oil, Q8 is a country of middle eastern hillbillies, who have fallen off their camelsinto BMWs but they need to remember… easy come, easy go!

Farewell to these shitty little people!

The Opium of the people of Q8

Karl Marx once said that religion is the opium of the people. Control religion and you control the people…The Al-Sabah family know that the opium of the Q8Y people is “Retail Therapy” ie money and shopping…

Opium of the Poeple

Opium of the Poeple

I might have the details slightly wrong here in the amounts quoted. But this is how you buy off a population:

  • Give any Q8Y who gets out of bed and works gets 500kd month from the government [this means that a Q8Y photocopying assistant at the school was earning MORE than degree level teachers… and she spent the whole day on her mobile babbling aimlessly].
  • When Q8Y marries another Q8Y, they receive 10,000 kd [why do you think they want so many wives]
  • Each child born gets a 10,000 kd birthday welcome
  • In the last two years, the government have cleared their credit card debts and more.

Apparently, if a Q8Y marries a non Q8Y [ie a sub-human] all the above benefits are lost.

So, they are bought off to do more shopping, have pure in-bred children and have no financial responsibility…


Allah and the Nuclear Holocaust

Allah knows best but he could not see into the future or perhaps it was Mohammad who thought he knew best.

The Qu’ran insists that it is the last word of the one true God, Allah. Not only was it a testament to the supernatural but also a code of how to live a godly life [read obedient life].

Allah knows best but could not see what was coming in the world… genocide at Auchwitz, world wars, starvation and most of all, the world’s ability to blow itself up  athousand times over….

and Allah says nothing again….